To be a mathematics, science, technology and accounting (MSTA) disciplines advancement centre of excellence for pre-higher education.



We enable competence in MSTA and skills development for teachers, learners and out of school youth by:

  • Building academic capacity through literacy and educational programmes.
  • Establishing partnerships with key stakeholders in support of creating value.
  • Facilitate an integrated value chain approach for pre-higher education MSTA disciplines.
  • Monitoring and evaluating of processes and programmes for sustainable impact.
  • Providing youth development through various initiatives.

  • Provide a high quality learning experience.
  • Excel in the delivery of teacher development and learner intervention programmes.
  • Provide a warm and friendly learning environment.
  • Demonstrate a genuine concern for learner's career success.
  • Employ professional, knowledgeable and caring staff.
  • To improve the standard of mathematics, science, technology and accounting; and ensure a significant increase in the
    number of students matriculating with good results.



  • To improve learner readiness for higher education by providing support to schools in Maths, Science, Technology and Accounting.
  • To deliver on-going programmes so as to capacitate teachers on subject content and curriculum related issues.
  • To provide career counselling programmes to learners so as to make informed decisions.
  • Expose learners to educational national and international educational competitions.
  • To promote science, technology, mathematics innovations among youth and the general public.
  • To provide recovery measures for school leavers with the purpose to address skills shortage and contribute towards
    poverty alleviation.
  • To study the trends in the educational sectors, and linking them with the design, development and evaluations of appropriately targeted interventions with the aim to translate outputs into policy formulation and good practise while developing research to provide summaries about basic education and training trends in South Africa.
  • To deliver environmental and entrepreneurship programmes and projects according to the immediate needs and as requested by stakeholders and partners.